The MUI is an electric racing aircraft concept developed for Air Race E and RAES in 2019.

The aircraft utilises a forward swept wing to improve aerodynamic efficiency and manouverability, an inverted tail-plane is used to reduce frontal area. Two motors drive a contra-rotating propeller in a coaxial arrangement. Too further improve top speed and aerodynamics the aircraft uses a smaller prop.

The proposed airframe is made from carbon fibre, it is able to endure up to a load factor of +6G and -3.65G before experiencing structural damage.
The aircraft is limited to an airspeed of 285 knots / 320 mph.



The ARE was a design project for TeamNL Air Racing Team.

The brief was to design TeamNLs electric racing aircraft for the recently announced AirRace E. All concepts followed the regulations of AirRace E and focused on optimal aerodynamics using CFD analysis. I worked closely with TeamNLs CTO and team leader to create an aircraft design that was visually appealing to the TeamNL brand.      


TeamNL wanted a conventional design.

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