r-GO is the next step in micro-mobility. It transforms self-balancing scooter technology into a functional, affordable and more polished product. It has a flexible design with a range of accessories, encouraging an evolutionary use including urban deliveries.


r-GO is driven by the desire to replace cars in metropolitan areas. Electric scooters, mono-wheels and Segway devices have disrupted this sector but collectively have a slightly uncivilized reputation. Public transport is getting a bad reputation during the current pandemic, leading to many instances when the public is persuaded to consider other forms of independent transport. Similarly, shared use bicycles are clunky and do not fold so they do not integrate well with other transport networks. r-GO aims to refine personal transport into a more environmentally sound way to get around town in a hygienic and cherished personal space.

r-GO is self-balancing micro transport utilizing Segway technology. Its modular character can be personally tailored to compliment any user’s preference and intended purpose: It can be personal commuter transport that integrates with wider public transport, or it can be accessorized to easily transform into a shopping cart, or a parent and child school transporter. It can also be used as a larger ‘Pro’ delivery vehicle to aid final mile contract work. In this configuration, batteries can be swapped out to reduce downtime and increase productivity. For this operation, a number of loaded delivery boxes can be transported to an area using an electric ‘hub’ van. This process significantly reduces urban congestion, while also optimizing the currently limited range of electric delivery vans, which can be packaged with smaller, cheaper batteries. All accessories fit onto the base unit without tools or extra fittings, using a ‘snap together’ rationale.

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